Walk-a-Thon: Fundraising Success!

IMG_1796They came…they walked…they blew the lid off the fundraising goals for the first Franklin Walk-a-Thon!

On Friday, October 2, Franklin kids took to the streets for the very first school Walk-a-Thon, and man, did those kids move.

Children ran, skipped, and walked their way around the quarter-mile loop at Franklin Park, most stopping at the volunteer-manned water stations at each lap. Every student, from kindergarten to fifth grade, walked at least one mile (four laps), with most classes averaging around 2.5 miles. Although running was discouraged, the excitement of the event seemed to give many kids an extra boost, with some speedy fifth graders hitting the five-mile mark (and possibly learning why those water stops are there).

Many teachers walked along with their students. Parent volunteers manned the water stations and punched lap cards.

Kids were amazed to hear how far they’d travelled. And as they exercised and discovered their own stamina, they raised an astonishing amount of money for the Franklin PTA. This event was initially predicted to raise $12,000. In fact, it brought in more than $32,000, an extra 20k!

Responses from parents were overwhelmingly positive. The kids had a great time, exercised, and helped raise money for their school.

This event wouldn’t have taken place without the enthusiastic direction of Franklin parent Nicole Will, the hours of support work by PTA co-presidents Mary Brune and Cori Lucas, and the phalanx of parents who showed up at the Walk-a-Thon to punch cards, pour water, and serve healthy snacks.

We’d love to get your feedback about this Walk-a-Thon to help us make the next event even better. Please take a minute to share your thoughts on our brief survey.

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